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Pensions and ISAs

Both Pensions and ISAs offer tax efficient ways to invest, but deciding on which ones to use when planning your financial future can be confusing. At Raymond James, Hitchin you will work with your Wealth Manager to create a financial plan that works for you, guiding you to use the right investment products for you.
Taking control and planning for your retirement is easy, you just have to know where to start!

Personal pensions offer a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement and can supplement your state and work place pensions. A pension portfolio is invested with a view to providing an income at retirement. With the new pension freedom rules, how you use your retirement fund when you retiree is up to you – after all, you have worked hard to save during your working life time, now its time to make sure your retirement fund is working for you.

Unlike most other Financial Advisers, Raymond James, Hitchin offers pension advice along side investment management, providing you with a one stop shop solution to your retirement planning. You and your Wealth Manager can work together to build a plan that will help you achieve the retirement that you want.

You may already have a personal pension in place, or have accumulated pensions throughout your career so why not get those pensions reviewed with our free health check service?
Stocks and shares ISAs are a tax efficient way of saving that can hold a wide range of investments and products. With all investment growth within the ISA investments being free of Income and Capital Gains Tax, it is one of the most tax efficient ways of saving.
Although you are limited on how much you can save each year, each member of your family, including your children, are entitled to save in this way. This is a great way of saving for those future events in life that you plan for outside of your regular income needs that retirement planning may overlook.

If you have savings outside an ISA, or would like to start saving then our no minimum investment requirement opens up a great opportunity for you to make a start.

Already have ISAs? If you have ISA savings either in a Cash ISA or Stocks and Shares, consolidating them may offer greater investment opportunity. At Raymond James, Hitchin, you and your wealth manager will work together to plan your objectives and create a plan that works for you. Our free Health Check service is also available for existing savings.
How we make it work...
We work with you to create a strategy based on a comprehensive risk assessment and consistent communication and service. Our flexible and focused investment process provides transparency and control, costs to a minimum and tax efficiency.
First things first, we’ll get together for a free meeting to find out more about your needs. This is followed by a comprehensive risk profiling process, the results of which will help us build an investment profile that is unique to you.
What your Wealth Manager will do for you
We’re a very friendly team based in the heart of Hitchin. We’ll see each other regularly (usually every six months) for us to tell you how things are getting on and make sure you are happy. 

We’ll also catch up on life in general. We love to get to know our clients and you’ll always meet with a member of the Wealth Management team actually managing your Investments.  You will also receive quarterly valuations and newsletters. 
Your Plan
Every investment decision explained to you in the context of your plan
Face to Face
Regular face to face time with the expert who is actually managing your money
Gain a more focused view of your money